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Why We Love Wigs | African American Wigs Blog

April 20 2019 – Ebonee Boddie

The best wigs for African American Women

The best wigs for African American Women

Why we love wigs! | African American Wigs 

Why African American love Wigs


It’s 2019 and woman and wigs are on a whole new level. It's hard to say if this is the new it or just a drawn out trend. But wigs are the new go to. They are seen as protective styles ,safe and convenient which in a sense is true. For some it’s just a switch up from the norm a new look for the day. woman and wigs have formed somewhat of a codependent relationship with each other if you ask me. The convenience of the wig has made getting ready each day so much easier. And the ability to pull out an alter ego simply because you got some new hair is just something you can’t explain, it kinda just happens.

You don’t always have to leave the house to get the next best hair pieces either. For example African American Wigs is one of the best online wigs stores amongst others that make it easy for you to order right from the comforts of your own home, from the  office, or even your car. Life is changing and so are wigs. There are all kinds of wigs available now from weft made wigs meaning wigs constructed using hair on what we call tracks to crochet made wigs using net caps and the crochet method to construct. Mainly  because wigs are not only just factory made anymore hairstylist have stepped the game up.

You can get a handmade wig from your local stylist or order one from that bomb stylist you follow on IG. Who would have thought that we would go from making fun of Grandma and her wig to searching high and low for the best wig makers for ourselves.  Wigs for Black women have advanced so well that the current lace front style literally melts into the skin and looks as if its coming from the scalp. And you know what we say “since I bought it. It's mine” so the fact that it can look so natural now is definitely a plus for all involved. The lace wigs have really taken over the hair game and given Black woman a helping hand in continuing to be  our fabulous selves

There are so many styles and colors available that you can actually wear a new wig each day. You can become a new woman and carry a new attitude with every change in style, length and color. Being able to do all these things and not damage the integrity of your own hair is also a plus. Wigs have come a long away and so have the woman that wear them.

     They can be used in a simple and calm setting with nice neutral tones for work or you can make an entire statement with bright vibrant colors to expose that sparkling personality that is you and be the life of the party. Black woman and wigs are a statement all on their own.  No texture, no color, no length is off limits when it comes to what women want. Or what a black woman can wear. And as one woman myself i must admit i like to the have options.

The beauty world is growing and so are wigs. And price is not an option. Wigs range from single digits (EX.$5) to multiple digits( EX$1500) in price. So you will always be able to find something to suite you and as far as textures is concerned you can get lost in the different styles. You can get synthetic hair wigs, human hair wigs and even yarn made wigs. The creative styles are unmatched in the wig making world if you ask me.

You no longer have to be suffering from anything to pick up a fabulous wig anymore but for those that do suffer from things like thinning hair, chemo patients and/ or alopecia those clients now have styles to make them feel like themselves again.

The Health and Beauty Industry has evolved in so many ways. I am so happy that the evolution of wigs came along for the ride. At this point on the journey of wigs it is now even popular for men to wear wigs or toupes as they were called when i was a child.

The man wig also has a variety of textures and is being worn by many different ethnic groups. It’s interesting to watch what i know and see as the relationship between black men and wigs grow.

If you think we as woman try hard to be as natural a possible with our pieces you should see what the men have come up with. In 2019 you can send your man to the barbershop thinking he about to shave the other half of his reverse fade off and he comes home with a fade with locks or waves and you looking like you just saw a ghost, cause you froze with you mouth open. You just left to admire the work of the magician he calls a barber.

The hair pieces created for for black men at the barber shop is just amazing. And you have to respect it cause we as woman been wearing weaves and wigs for years. And why not He is not his hair either ( India Arie song) and has the right to express himself and switch it up. He can get waves, locks, something freestyled it’s a lot of options at his fingertips too.  Besides I must admit it looks good and speaks volumes of the creative minds of this industry for both men and women alike.

The game has totally changed and it's beautiful to see how it is continuing to grow. This is now a 10 billion dollar industry.. Yes i said 10 billion dollar industry that in itself speaks volumes of the growth and the reputation of wigs. As a stylist in the industry myself I am loving to see the creative skills of my colleagues. You can buy handmade wigs from stylist that will not only construct the wig. They will cut, color, style, or even braid the wigs for you.

The minds of those in this industry never cease to amaze me. There is always a stylist doing something new and amazing with their clients using wigs. And since just about everyone is upon the wig train and the mind is so amazing when it comes to ideas, I look forward to seeing how the generations to come will take wigs to the next level.


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