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Cranial Prosthesis

Few things in this world are harder to deal with than the loss of our hair. We take it for granted, even going so far as to be disinterested - until we start losing it. 

Of course, sometimes we don’t have the power to do anything about hair loss - genetics kick in, or hair falls due to a result of difficult chemotherapy.

Whatever the cause, you shouldn't deprive yourself of feeling like yourself again!Or maybe even someone else! Cranial prosthesis is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Cranial or hair prosthesis have been around since the ‘50s, but their value only increases over time. A custom-made wig, designed specifically for people suffering hair loss due to dealing with certain medical conditions or treatments like spot baldness, loss of skull hair, chemotherapy, or any other treatment that results in hair loss.

The difference between regular wigs and hair prostheses? Each cranial prosthesis is custom-made to be a perfect fit. The process is quite simple: your precise head measurements are taken and you have the freedom to choose from a variety of hair colors and styles.

We at African American Wigs go the extra mile! For us, it’s not only about solving your hair loss issue - we’re more than simplifying your life! For us, it’s about the entire experience you get here.

We understand the struggle behind hair loss. Regardless if it’s a result of medical treatment or excessive stress, we understand. The consequences of hair loss for your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, social acceptance can be devastating - all just because of a few hairs, right? Well, for many of you, it’s more than just a few hairs - and we understand that. 

That’s why the team African American Wigs decided to give you a full-on, spotless experience. Not only do we offer a hair prosthesis - we offer a wide range of wigs too, anything from Human Hair Wigs to Synthetic Wigs.

Our offer extends to the point that we have wigs designed specifically for black women, to express the beauty and uniqueness of all ladies of color! On top of that, we offer specially made African American Wigs, for anyone who would like to pay respect to their roots! Don’t miss out!

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